The main reason I started coaching women’s basketball is because I had two daughters Luna and Matilda and I wanted them to play basketball. In Spain it is very easy to find places to play but in the UK it’s a real challenge. So I decided to post an advert on internet and I built up a first team: the Putney Penguins.


After this first year the response was so overwhelming that I decided to build a basketball academy specialized in training girls so when both my daughters grow up they have a place to play.


Over the years we have built up strong links with basketball teams and organisations from all around the world. Our teams have won the Premier Championship and the Women’s Cup several times and we have competed at the highest level with NCAA teams from USA. In 2016 we became the Biggest Women’s Basketball Club in UK and we started to run two leagues: the SUPERLEAGUE and the Division 1. We are also involved with the local community and we run after school mentoring and Basketball programs visiting many London primary and secondary schools.


Over the years hundreds have trained and played with the club. Love Basketball Academy is more than a club, it is a big family. We have among our players teachers, nurses, lawyers, waiters, photographers, personal trainers, singers, pilots, models, students…all united to play the sport that they love. At our club everyone is welcome and we provide playing and coaching opportunities for girls and women of all ages irrespective of ability, experience or nationality.


Just not long ago we launched our Love Basketball sessions for kids. Now we have four teams: the London Bumblebees, the London Koalas, the London Kangaroos and the London Zebras. We are sure a lot more teams will follow in the upcoming years.


So as you can see our little academy keep growing and getting better every year. Thanks for making our Club so unique and special.


See you at the court!


Jose Martin


Love Basketball Academy