RACHEL-CROSSMAN"I moved to London a couple years ago, and pretty quickly put on a lot of weight - all those after work pints and comfort food on cold nights added up!! I found it difficult to find an exercise routine that worked for me - being used to swimming on sunny, warm days in Sydney, I couldn’t get motivated in the London winters. Basketball three times a week got me back in an exercise mood and then found that I wanted to eat better to go with it. I honestly didn’t even deliberately try to lose weight! It was just like one day my body realised that this was the new reality, and over the space of 2 months I dropped 10kg/1.5st/22lb! I also developed muscles I hadn’t seen in years and, more importantly, saw my basketball skills and my fitness improve. At 31 I’m now fitter than I’ve been in 10 years. I have more energy. I just feel good! I joined Love Basketball Academy because I love basketball. I stayed because of the friends I made. And I’m sticking around because I’m hooked!"

MOLETwo years ago I started playing basketball for my previous school. I have been completely overwhelmed with how incredible the club is, we train 3 times a week at great venues at a very high intensity, working on fitness, technique and game play… It is allowing me to build a starting ground to play basketball at a competitive level throughout my life and hopefully overseas at university.


In addition, the club currently has over 120 female players. I have met players of all ages, from all over the world. In terms of level, I am training with women who have unbelievable experience in the game. A prime example of this is Harriet Yea, an ex-professional, who played for Great Britain National team. She won Sportswoman of the Year 2015 for her exceptional feats on the basketball court. Another girl on the team, Anita Snowdon played for the New Zealand U-20 National team. Having these girls as role models to the younger generations of the club is incredible.


I am forever grateful to be able to play at the same level as my male counterparts. This is a great example of equality in sport. We should all have the same opportunities to play the game of basketball and thanks to Love Basketball this has been made possible for many girls and hopefully it will be able to grow and promote women’s

KRISSY"When I joined the Love Basketball Academy I was overwhelmed by the warm and friendly welcome from coaches and players. Within the 1.5 years I was lucky to become the Captain of an incredible group of girls, aka ‘The Pandas’, as well as a back-up player for the London Little Blues. I enjoyed the high amount of training sessions in which I could learn new skills, learn from my more experienced teammates and test myself in competitive games in different leagues. I got to play with former professional players from all over the world while staying fit, enjoyed the themed socials and tournaments in incredible locations, and built some true friendships – all while following my passion for basketball!"

sidelines" I really appreciate your willingness to play us and organize the exhibition game It was very helpful to us. I let there very impressed with you and the Love Basketball program"

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"The Penguins are an awesome team to play basketball in London. I learnt new skills, developed existing ones and thoroughly enjoyed being on the court again! They play basketball at a competitive level but never forget they key thing, basketball is meant to be fun (of course winning always is an added bonus!!).

I loved playing for the penguins and will really miss it!"


Emma“I just wanted to say another big thank you for inviting us down to the tournament at the weekend, we probably had the most fun of any tournament that we’ve been too, and it was really great to meet you and everyone else involved with the LBA. It’s wonderful to have someone who is really dedicated to making that difference. You can tell that it’s appreciated by the turnout at the tournament and the great feedback on it! If we ever move to London, I’d definitely be looking to join the LBA :)”

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"I was so excited and happy to get an opportunity to get in a team. I loved to see how everybody just coming in to the court and just sink in to basketball and nothing else. You, coach doing huge work, and big respect from me! Was also very nice and interesting to see the difference between players an them playing style, as we all used to be from different countries, it was great to see how very different peaces just becoming in to one team! Thank you for everything, and huge luck for Penguins!"



"I had the pleasure to play with the Penguins for about 6 months and really enjoyed it. A great way to meet new people from all over the place, keep fit, and tour London's gyms.. Only left when I moved somewhere else but my heart stayed with this team."


984146 10152270615788299 3831318046339380269 n copy"When I first came to the training I thought “Wow this group is huge so many people! How am I going get to know everyone and be comfortable?” Then went to second training, then a tournament follow by drinks and food together… and you start to feel that there is a real Spirit at LBA, so many events and quality training! You get to know everyone and everyone get to know you. You make real friends, you play really good basketball and just enjoy it. And that is what made me stay! LBA is the best Women's basketball Club in london "

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"Playing for Love Basketball Academy was the best sportive experience ever. The coach helped me to reach one of my best levels and If I was stayed I'm sure I would be better. It's a good team where you'll learn a lot about basketball. It's the team of my heart.. And if I had the opportunity to come back to London, For sure I'll play for them again!!"

1149203 701820945900 1137772084 o“Playing for LBA is a great experience. Jose is a brilliant coach who you can tell is really passionate about women’s basketball and training us all up to improve. Even though I’d not played basketball since school, the academy encourages you to play with others of all different levels and to better yourself rather than compare yourself to others. All the girls of the academy are friendly and make you feel welcome. I’ve really enjoyed playing again and being part of this team.”

1476649 10151733719255974 13587310 n“For me playing in the Academy It wasn’t even about basketball. It was about gaining self confidence, being accepted by so many amazing girls from my team and seeing that I can be strong a women playing on the court just like the other girls.”

34239 403741198977 5799389 n“When I arrived to London I was very keen on playing basketball again. I joined LBA and I found the perfect place to learn and play basketball. The coach team is amazing, good training skills, helpful, fun and creates a great atmosphere. What also likes the most about LBA is that all girls are from different parts of the world, no matter where you come from or the level of your basketball skills, you are always welcome. Amazing team mates no just in the court also outside the court. It was unbelievable to discover a place to play fun, social and competitive Basketball at a very good price ”