LBA-Social League


Welcome to the Division 1 a recreational and social Women’s Basketball League in London with teams and players focused on having fun and improving their basketball skills.

We train and play games at some of the coolest basketball venues in London and we also organise several social events with all our teams every month.


We welcome all kind of abilities, ages and experience. You will have plenty of chances to play games, train with great teammates and shoot hoops with friends!


Whether you are an experienced player or a completely beginner if you Love Basketball and you want to be part of the Division 1 get in touch with us and we will save you a spot: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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You should join our League if:

  • You want to have fun, get fit and meet new people. We organise several social events with all our teams every month.
  • You played netball, football, handball or any other sport and you would like to learn how to play Basketball.
  • You are looking for a flexible league compatible with your work. You will be able to train 3 times per week. You don't have to come to every session but offering you so many chances of training means that if you can’t make a session for any reason you still have a lot more that you can attend.


Information about the Division 1:

  • The Division 1 has 7 competitive teams
  • Each team play a total of 12 games + Semifinals & Finals
  • Each game is 40 minutes running clock (4 x 10 min)
  • Love Basketball t-shirts included in registration fees
  • Trophies and Medals for the top 3 teams

* For more information about the league you can check the Division 1 rules