1. Pre-game:

a. Be at the gym 15 min. early.

b. If you need to be taped, arrive much earlier.

c. All the games need to start on time to not over run the next session.

d. Dress appropriately. Jersey of your team and shorts. Leggings are not allowed in the Superleague. Any dangerous jewellery worn by players must be removed before tip-off.

e. Players will have 5-10 minutes to warm up


2. Game time:

a. All starting players will shake the hand of the opposing team

b. If a team has just 3 rostered players they are allowed to pick up 3 ringers from the Division 1. No players from other Superleague teams are allowed to play unless it is agreed with the opposition and the table BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS.

c. All players in each team must play a minimum of 10 minutes per game.

d. Each team is allowed to 2 time out per game in the Superleague and 1 time out in the Division 1.

e. A team gets into Bonus fouls after the 4th foul. Personal & Team fouls will be recorded. All technical fouls will be recorded as personal fouls.

f. Zone defense is not allowed. If a team does illegal defense the other team will get a free throw and possession.

g. Ties will be decided with 2 minutes overtime period


3. Clock

a. Each game is 40 minutes running clock (4 x 10 minutes)

b. There is 1 minute break between each quarter and 3 minutes break at half time

c. The clock doesn’t stop during free throws.

d. The clock just stops in the last minute of the last quarter of the game.


4. Post Game:

a. Shake hands with our opponent, referees and table officials.


5. Referees:

a. The Captain will discuss matters with the referees.

b. Players will play the game and maintain proper conduct on the court.

c. Refrain from discussing matters with the referee.

d. The League will have 2 referees in most of the games. In the case of just one referee attending to the game the match will go ahead.


6. Substitutions:

a. The substituted player must go to the table to ask for a sub

b. Find out who you are guarding.

c. Substitutions will be allowed at any point during the game. When the ball is out.


7. Forfeits

Teams have the right to forfeit a game giving to the League and the other team a minimun of one week notice. The score for a forfeited game will be shown as 20-0


8. Postponements

Games can not be postponed under any circumstances. The League Secretary needs to be notified one week in advance in case any team won’t be able to play a game and need to forfeit.


9. League Points

Winning Team = 3 points

Losing Team = 1 point

Forfeit = 0 points


10. League Positions

If at the end of the regular season two teams have the same number of points, the Position on the table will be determined by:

a) The basket average between both teams during the league

b) The total amount of points difference scored for all matches in the league.

The top 4 teams in the League at the end of the season will play in the Final four.


11. Disqualifications and Suspensions

In the event of any player (or team) behaving in an inappropriate or unsportsman-like manner, the SUPERLEAGUE/DIV.1 reserve the right to suspend a player (or team) from the League. Any such decisions will be final. The SUPERLEAGUE/DIV.1 will disqualify the player(s) concerned from the event for acts of violence, verbal or physical aggression or tortuous interference in game results. The SUPERLEAGUE/DIV. 1 may also disqualify the entire team from the League depending on the other team members' contribution to the aforementioned behaviour.

There will be not refund or any compensation for the team/players in the team gets disqualified from the League.


12. Rules

a. Play will be abide by FIBA European rules and players should ask the referee for any clarifications


Final Considerations

The main aim of the SUPERLEAGUE/DIVISION 1 is to have fun and enjoy a great season of basketball.